Malware Researcher

2-3 years of experience

We are seeking a talented, passionate Security nerd for our Security team. Were looking for a highly motivated person with proven security skills to tackle advanced persistent threats, intuitive user experiences across to create a secure infrastructure that provides a seamless customer experience.


  • Gather and evaluate requirements in collaboration with team managers and engineers.
  • Perform leading edge malware research, analysis (data-mining) and generate content for use in our products.
  • Advanced capability to analyze malware, including: worms, viruses, trojans, rootkits and bots Using debuggers (ie. OllyDbg, Immunity, gdb, WinDbg).
  • Understand unpacking, deobfuscation, and anti-debugging techniques.
  • Develop an innovative and effective forensics and malware analysis tools, signatures, and methods of detection for use with response or hunting activities
  • Work with a professional SOC to analyze malware and apply workarounds.
  • Set-up a vulnerability assessment framework, evaluating different tools, to help us redefining the global change management strategy.
  • Provide detailed feedback and verification as an organization fixes security issues.
  • Hands-on experience to guide development teams to fix the vulnerability.
  • Give effective feedback and direction to other team members.
  • Establish a strong brand engagement by creating secured infrastructure through security audits.


  • Experience also required with using Network traffic analysis of malware activity to disassemble and Analyze malicious code/exploits,
  • Should have hands-on experience with scripting to write own exploits.