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API Security Audit

API is a communication gateway that establishes a connection between multiple applications. As API has become crucial for web-based applications thus, it has been a target for all the hackers.

Why API Security Audit

API is generally used for transferring the data among applications. So feeble APIs are often exposed to cyber-attacks. So negligence in the API security audit may cost the organization a lot as there is a chance of tempering with personal and financial data. Recent analytics shows 75% of credential abuse attacks against the financial service industry targeted API directly.

Benefits of API Security Audit

User validation

API security testing manages and verifies the user identity and only process the request of the legitimate users.

Enhanced encryption

API security audit ensures extensive and flexible encryption that maintains the privacy of customer data.

Prevent attacks

Well-constructed API security provides a deep defence against the cyber threat attack. It mitigates the risk of business logic attacks.

Regulate logging and monitoring

API security audit adherers to specific law and other compliance policies that manage insufficient logging and monitoring.

Proper Assets management

As the API exposes to more endpoints, security audit helps to maintain proper and updated documentation.

Swiftsafe Approach


Our security experts take up rigorous planning to gather information about the APIs framework.


Swiftsafe API security audit combines both manual, automatic testing mechanism.

Vulnerability analysis

We carry out the API vulnerability analysis thoroughly to identify and address the vulnerable data sources.


This systematic exploitation approach exposes the way a hacker works in real-time.


After accomplishing all the security assessment, we design a report that can be easily understandable.

Why Swiftsafe?

Skilled professional

Swiftsafe security experts have been helping the enterprises to build a secure API.

Scalable API

We always focus on implementing the best API testing process that empowers developers.

Seamless communication

Our experts leverage the power of modern methodologies, tools, and technology.

High transparency

We believe in transparency with our clients and build a robust and secure API for theclient's business

24*7 support assistance

We make everything easy for our clients and understand their problems by providing 24*7 support.

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