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CMS Security Audit

CMS is emerging computer software and organizations are opting for the platform to build an optimized and user-friendly website. Magento, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc.

Why Auditing

Why CMS security Audit?

As per the analytics, 30,000 new websites are getting hacked every day. Despite all the easy functionalities, set up, and benefits all the open-source platforms are always open to cyber attacks. If 0-day occurs in any CMS, it will tremendously affect all the applications who are using the same version.

Benefits of CMS Security Audit

Malware analysis

This figure out the malware that deface the website and its appearance. It scans the javascript and third party links which are harmful to the website.

Ensure regular updation and backup

CMS audit ensures the regular updation of all the components, plugin, and install them for smooth execution of web application.

Secure cross-site scripting

It ensures safe and secure cross-site scripting in a client environment that preserves user privacy, content integrity.

Accurate remote code execution

CMS security audit prevents the opening of a remote backdoor for the attacker that seals endpoints and stops the hacker to gain full access.

Secure SQL injection

With the correct user-level authentication and parameter sanitization CMS audits to safeguard the database from malicious SQL injection.

Swiftsafe Approach


Our security experts take up rigorous planning over the CMS infrastructure and set the goal of the security audit.


Our hybrid approach of the CMS testing combines both manual and automatic testing mechanisms.


We carry out the VAPT in various phases to thoroughly identify and help to address the CMS vulnerabilities.


This systematic exploitation approach exposes the way a hacker works in real-time.


After accomplishing all the vulnerabilities assessment, we design a report that can be easily understandable

Why Swiftsafe?

Skilled professional

Our professionals understand the CMS application and implement the correct security audit strategy

Enhanced security

Swiftsafe offers a full-fledged CMS security audit service that will enhance the security features of the website

Up-to-date compliance

We take care of all the technical, regulatory, and compliance reports according to OWASP Top-10

High transparency

We believe in transparency with our client and build a robust security infrastructure

24*7 support assistance

We make everything easy for our clients and understand their problems by providing 24*7 support

Interested in CMS Security Audit?