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GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation agreed upon by the European Parliament and Council in April 2016, replacing the outdated Data Protection Directive from 1995.

Why Auditing

Who can Claim GDPR Compliance?

GDPR applies to controllers and processors that are managing the personal data of EU individuals. Here a data controller provides why and how the personal data is processed and handles ensuring their processor obeys data protection law. While a processor performs the actual data processing.

GDPR Compliance Service Feature

Scope Assessment

To address GDPR compliance, access all data sources to investigate whether the data is being stored and used to evaluate privacy risk exposure.

Gap AnalysiS

Gap Analysis is conducted to know the organization’s current GDPR compliance stage to address the risks and plan for remediation.

GDPR Data Flow Audit

Develop data flow audit and stock-list of the personal data held, shared just in case if not sure what personal data and where it stored.

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

DPIA identifies compliance issues when introducing new processes, systems or technologies for personal data processing to mitigate data protection risks.

Monitor and Audit

One needs to monitor and audit the processes and procedures regularly. To ensure, they are in line with regulation’s accountability principle to fit the purpose.

Risks without GDPR

Costly Penalties:

The maximum fine limit for GDPR Infringement can be 4% of the organization’s annual turnover and other breach fines can be 2%

Reputation Loss

If a security breach is unprotected at outsourcing partners’ end, there will be a rapid loss of stakeholders and customers loyalty

Damage Control Costs

Any incident failed to protect the personal data, need to conduct investigations and implement remediation control measures

Disruption in Business Operations

If any business caught to be a GDPR non-compliance will be compelled to quickly rebuild its operations to ensure compliance in any future.

Crisis Management

Our expert incident responders recommends customized protections, attack and traffic analysis, protection activations

Key Benefits

Avoid Data Breach and Penalties:

Terrible penalties and unveiled personal data are GDPR non-compliant consequences. One can avoid data breach and big budget penalties


You can demonstrate to customers that their information is secured which builds customers trust. This results in business increase

Protecting Brand Reputation

One can protect and build their brand reputation when complying with the standard requirements. Thus, help entities reduce reputation

Improve Data Management:

While implementing GDPR, you can classify data storage and fine-tune the data management processes as you can precisely identify

Why choose us?

Expert Team

Our expert team delivers for the best GDPR Compliance Services with a comprehensive approach

Compliance Assessment

We examine current procedures, policies with the organization presently used for customers' personal

Implementation Support

We develop and implement the necessary security and technical controls for your business

Advisory Support

We present skilled advisory support services based on defined GDPR compliance requirements

Internal Audit

We offer to internal audit to address the uncovered gaps within your GDPR Compliant position

Interested in GDPR Compliance?