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HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act formed in 1996 to Safeguard patient data information. The organizations that deal with Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI)

Why Auditing

Who can Claim HIPAA Compliance

The Whole Ecosystem of Health Industry must be HIPAA Compliant. The HIPAA rules apply to covered entities and business associates. The Covered Entities can be anyone who provides health care, health plans such as Doctors, Pharmacies, Healthcare clearing Houses and Health Insurance Companies that electronically transmit health information.

HIPAA Compliance Service Feature

HIPAA Scope Review and Finalization

The key elements are identified and determine the operative scope as per the organization requirement.

Gap Assessment

An authorized and certified auditors will have a detailed inspection of your business processes, controls executed, and potential and current business

Policies and Procedures

Certain policies and procedures should be followed to maintain the privacy and security of any recognizable healthcare industries.


The approved auditors conduct an internal audit to determine the status of executed HIPAA controls that are in compliance with the HIPAA rules

Risks without HIPAA

Data Breaches

The risk of breach can be expected anytime, if you are non HIPAA compliant. Health information is considered to be the utmost important for the privacy of patients and health care entities which can lead to reputation loss.

Financial Losses

HIPPA guidelines violations are very expensive. An organization which does not comply with HIPAA compliance may end in losing their capital in clearing the penalties. It might also carry criminal charges on the organization.

Key Benefits

Increase Credibility and Trust

You can demonstrate to anyone who is associated with your business that their information is safe and secure, if your business is HIPAA Complaint.

Protecting Brand Reputation

Complying with the standard requirements helps and organization to protect and improve brand reputation. Any organization compromises in their business

Why choose us?

Qualified Professionals

Our certified team offers the HIPAA Compliance Services to protect your organization against data breaches.

Compliance Support

As a part of HIPAA compliance services, we perform technical security procedures and administrative mechanisms.

Advisory Services

Awareness training to covered entities and business associates staff to comply with relevant HIPAA regulations.

Security Services Alignment

Implement policies and processes to address security incidents and authorize access to ePHI .

Forecasts & Audits

Swiftsafe offers the complete HIPAA Compliance forecasts, audits for safe and secure Information System.

Interested in HIPAA Compliance?