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Incident Response

An Incident Response ensures the right procedures are handled effectively in the event of a cyber attack or security breach. It also includes the way that the consequences of the incident are managed.

Why need an Incident Response?

In the event of cyber attack or data breach, if there is a compromise in incident or the incident is not handled properly could amplify the issue. That can damage security information or lead to system collapse. The rapid response to the incident helps the organization cover the information, financial losses, restore processes and services

Benefits of Incident Response

Speed Recovery

Pre-eminent security capabilities by telemetry to monitor cyber threats effectively to prevent system collapse and thus help the enterprise to resume their

Threat Intelligence

When analysts and responders coordinates with Incident Response Plan provides notable insights. The IR investigation improves your security posture

Faster Response

Incident Response help shrinks the time between threat detection and remediation to respond quickly. It ultimately reduces severity of future incidents with

Tools and Technology

The cyber security incidents can be managed efficiently, in order to make informed decisions about where and when to take action with the leveraging

Swiftsafe Approach

We resolve any type of threats like firewall, malware, service denial to resume your regular business activities. Then, investigate to prevent private data information loss.

Our expert incident responders recommend customized protections, attack and traffic analysis, protection activations, and other disclosure requirements to enhance your security protection.

With automated tools and technology, our reverse engineers and security analysts coordinate with your team to mitigate the vulnerabilities. Thus, business operations can be resumed

We determine remediation for the threat in real-time from your network. Also, help implement mitigation of threats to reduce the risks of future compromise.

Detection & analysis
Threat Intelligence
Real time Remediation

Why Swiftsafe?

24/7 Incident Response

Our team responds to coordinate with IRP anytime as cyber attack expected at any

Coordinated Defence

Our expert teams assist your enterprise to analyze malicious files, quickly minimize

Personalized IR Plan

Based on your unique necessities, we plan the most efficient and fastest IRP for your

Comprehensive Coverage

We coordinate actions to address threats to full extent, not just individual outbreaks

Proactive Services

Our responders identify vulnerabilities before they impact your organization while

Interested in Incident Response?