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ISO 27001 Compliance

ISO 27001 is also known as ISO/IEC 27001. It is the international standard issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), in association with the International Electro technical Commission (IEC).

Why Auditing

Who can Claim ISO 27001

Any organization that wants to protect its sensitive information can find ISO 27001 beneficial. The organizations such as Financial Companies, Telecommunication Industries, IT Companies, Government Bodies, health organizations and pharmaceutical companies handle confidential data who are willing to protect their massive volume of data.

ISO 27001 Service Features

Gap Analysis

The experts will make a quick analysis in your system which are against ISO 27001 for the gaps. A report will be made to define the compliance level

ISMS Strategy Selection

Identifying the ideal approach to Information Security Management System (ISMS) for its development, regulative compliance and attestation requirements

ISMS Scope Assessment

Scope Assessment is the key to a successful certification effort for ISO 27001. Here it requires to be clear and broad enough

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is the fundamental and the most important phase of an ISMS where an asset register consists of all the information assets

Risk Treatment

In this phase, a strategy for the implementation of the controls selected to mitigate risk to a level is developed that are acceptable by the management.

Control Implementation

The implementation roadmap defines the approach and responsibilities necessary to address the identified gaps and implement the controls

ISMS Implementation

Here in this phase to implement ISMS, an internal audit is conducted to identify whether the control and its processes meet the requirement

Certification Audit Support

At the Certification audit phase, the certifications auditors team performs the final audit. A support team will assist the organization to reduce the risk

Risks without ISO 27001

Information Security Threats

Potential cause of unwanted incidents that may cause damage or danger to the most important and sensitive data

Compromise Business Operations

Any natural disaster (Ex: Fire Accident, Flood), disclosure of critical information, unauthorized access to the information system


Weakness or gap in a security program that can be exploited by threats to gain unauthorized access to an asset

Key Benefits

Increase Attack Resilience:

Implementing and monitoring an ISMS will significantly increase the organization’s resilience to cyber attack.

Reduce Costs

The costs associated with information security incidents reduces. Ensuring organizations to maximize their return on investment.

Client Retention

As this certification includes sensitive information of clients, stakeholders are kept secure. Thus helps in increase Customer Satisfaction

Establishing Trust

As your confidential information is kept secure, stakeholders and clients’ confidence increases for the way the risk is being managed.

Comply with Legislation

ISO helps you reach legislation such as Computer Misuse Act, the Data Protection Act(7 GDPR), and Bribery Act.

Marketing Edge

In a competitive world, an organization should differentiate in customers eyes to stand top in the market.

Why choose us?

Skilled Professional

Our expert team will provide standard model ISO Compliance for your organization

Control Implementation Assistance

We define appropriate controls to address the recognized gaps and implement them to attain compliance

ISMS Implementation Support

We implement and develop a specific ISMS as it varies from one organization to other

Monitor and Audit Support

We perform internal audits to investigate security threats in the systems consistently and prevent them

24/7 Assistance

Our Swiftsafe team constantly coordinates with you till the security and compliance goals achieved

Interested in ISO 27001 Compliance?