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Malware Protection

Malware is a malicious software designed to infect or damage your businesses’ networks, devices or servers without the owner’s informed consent.

Why need Malware Protection

Even though the cyber security companies work rigorously to eradicate the most notable ones, daily on an average 360000 new malware detected. This software can be delivered via the internet through drive-by downloads or physically by means of a USB drive to a system that can download such malicious software to systems automatically.

Benefits of Malware Protection

Protection from virus & their transmission

Malware protection is referred to as prophylactic function performed by anti-virus software. It detects potential virus and removes them before they affect

Restrict spam and Ads

Pop-ups and spamming websites are most used gateway that provides pathway for viruses to enter system. Malware protection ensures strong browser

Defence against hacker

Hackers use sophisticated software program that enter into computer system which enhances information destruction risk.

Protection from spyware and phishing

It provides additional security and firewall protection to your data packets that are transmitted from your computer via internet.

Limit the access of websites

Malware protection sets limits on website access and restricts suspicious activities on unauthorized networks. It ensures safe and secure browsing

Swiftsafe Approach

We detect the virus that exists in your computers, mobile applications, websites, and servers of your business and monitor on 24x7x365

To avoid it, we block the detected malware program before it harms the systems and collapses your company information.

We analyze the detected virus using modern reverse engineering methodology and protect the infected devices, servers of your organization before they get damaged.

If it infects any systems, mobile applications, and servers, we restore the confidential information and crucial documents of your business.

Prevent and Block
Malware Analysis

Why Swiftsafe?

Skilled Professionals

Our cybersecurity professionals delivers the best malware protection that will save you from malicious attacks.

Comprehensive Scanning

Our team carried out a holistic scan throughout the systems that identify and fix all the security breaches.

99% Spam Protection

Swiftsafe ensures 99% spam protection with 0.0001% falsepositives. It stops malware enter into the premises.

Continuous analysis

Our team continuously analyze, monitor, and record all the activities. This helps to locate the malware easily.

24x7 support assistance:

We make everything easy and provide the best malware protection support for our clients.

Interested in Malware Protection?