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SIEM as a Service

SEIM is a multi functional security management system that has become a widely accepted standard among IT industry.

Why need SIEM?

Monitoring and analyzing the data from different technologies is quite challenging. If there’s no centralized, the severity increases even more when any cyber attacks happen. This hardship can be eliminated and resolved when using SEIM which collects data for deviations round the network and take necessary action against the threats.

Benefits of SIEM

Deployment Speed

When an on-site SEIM solution installed, it can be prolonged onboarding process before the system is completely operational.

Cost Savings

Setting up SEIM system for a network is expensive as organization should bare local deployment and maintenance costs.

Require Minimal Expertise

When SEIM solutions chosen, experts need to be hired. Whereas cloud based SEIM solution minimize expertise requirement as it’s designed to streamline

Network Monitoring

Network can be managed at all the times as third party specialists monitors with tools, ensures rapid response with no data loss and network damage.

Comprehensive Reporting

SEIM fetches and stores the logs with the security tools centrally. It generates extensive reports identifying the state of complete network

Swiftsafe Approach

Monitor and Manage centralized SEIM system health like licenses, version, backup, and restoring data.

We analyze log data to verify data collection and log continuity. It allows detecting abnormalities in the user activity to identify sneaky insider security threats.

Collected log data undergo custom based parsing for logs that are encoded in proprietary methods.

Investigate the whole network, then perform updates to existing policy rules, optimize to reduce false errors and increase accuracy.

SEIM Service Management
Data Log Management
Custom Parser Development
Policy Management

Why Swiftsafe?

Instant Incident Notifications

Detected security issues will be prioritized and alerts will be mailed to designated client contact.

Change and Configuration Mgmt.

Swiftsafe strives to notify clients day before implementation of any emergency changes and configure processes.

Service Utilization

Swiftsafe personally alerts customers and take prevention actions to protect the security network system.

Service Reporting and Review

We offer reports for SEIM execution, customers’ security analytics and other tailored reports for optional services.

Coordinated Defence

Our expert help your business to examine vulnerabilities, rapidly reduce incidents and prevent threats on 24x7.

Interested in SEIM as a Service?