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Social Engineering Awareness

Social engineering is a psychological attack done by cybercriminals for divulging confidential information which may lead to unauthorized access to the internal network.

Why social engineering awareness?

Social engineering attacks are getting frequent against enterprises and SMBs. Cybercriminals are adopting the most sophisticated and new modern techniques to deceive employees or individuals. Fishing, pharming, vishing, social media, phone call, etc. are a few social engineering attacks induces that targets organizations and its employee to extract sensitive passwords.

Benefits of Social Engineering Awareness

Reduce risk by awareness

Social engineering awareness among organizations reduce risk and seal all the exposed vulnerabilities before they get exploited by hackers.

Identify risk endpoint

Stimulated social engineering attacks uncover all the risk endpoints and prioritize the risk to give a response accordingly.

Comprehensive cybersecurity

Most of the organizations spend much on network perimeter and overlooks the security risk factor in their internal networks.

Enhanced reliability

Implementing the proper cyber risk preventions helps you build trust among the employees and clients as well.

Swiftsafe Approach


Our security experts take up rigorous planning to gather information about the organization's internal structure


Swiftsafe follows a hybrid approach of social engineering that manually audits for various risk points

Social engineering Analysis

We carry out social engineering analysis thoroughly to identify and address the vulnerable internal network


Simulated exploitation exposes the way a hacker operates in real-time. As per OWASP Top-10, our security experts scrutinize.


After accomplishing all the security assessment, we design a report that can be easily understandable and convey

Why Swiftsafe?

Experienced team

Swiftsafe security experts have been helping the enterprises to spread awareness on social engineering

Tailored assessment

Our tailored assessment identifies potential data leakage, improved organizational processes

Fact-based awareness

Our holistic social engineering awareness strengthens the decision-making capabilities of individuals

High transparency

We believe in transparency with our clients and build a secure social engineering awareness

24*7 support assistance

We make everything easy for our clients and understand their problems by providing 24*7 support

Interested in Social Engineering Awareness?