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Source Code Auditing

Swiftsafe perform a comprehensive analysis of source code auditing to discover the vulnerabilities, security threats, or security violation that might affect the functionality.

Why Source code auditing?

Code auditing is crucial for any organization to check the codebase of any software whether the code follows the standards or not. It also checks the copyright infringement in source code. Manual code auditing provides you with a good understanding of the current source code structure that later helps find out the bugs.

Benefits of Source Code Auditing

Prior vulnerability detection & remediation

Source code auditing provides a detailed report of vulnerabilities and pinpoints the weak point of source code.

Enhance the agile development environment

Source code auditing creates an agile development environment that emphasizes security during SDLC itself.

More accurate and comprehensive code audit

With extensive research and predefined principle, the security consultant performs a more accurate and comprehensive code audit

Detect exact location of the vulnerabilities

Software organization, those are dealing with extensive projects running simultaneously can find out the code flaws and vulnerabilities

Improved secure coding ability

Code auditing relies on a predefined security guideline that ultimately improves the coding ability of the developer to develop a secure application.

Right compliance with ethical code

It follows the OIG compliance that builds up ethical and lawful corporate conduct. It maintains a compliance culture in the organization

Swiftsafe Approach


Our security experts take up rigorous planning to gather information about the source code and set the goal


Our hybrid approach of code auditing combines both manual and automatic testing mechanisms that help to minimize the false positives

Security analysis

We carry out the security audit in various phases to identify the source code vulnerabilities by using manual and automatic testing mechanisms


This systematic exploitation approach exposes the way a hacker works in real-time. Our security experts scan the entire code security


After accomplishing all the vulnerability assessment, we design reports that can be easily understandable and convey

Why Swiftsafe?

Guarantee zero vulnerabilities

Swiftsafe ensures zero vulnerabilities in code auditing within the wide range of application research

Transparent communication

We maintain the utmost transparency and detailed communication throughout all phases while delivering

Value-added security

Our admirable code auditing service will deliver you the best value which will boost the application security

Tailored approach

Our expert execution and tailored approach provide you triple aspect to your organization

24*7 support assistance

We make everything easy for our clients and understand their problems by providing 24*7 support

Interested in Source Code Auditing?