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Threat Modelling

Threat modeling is a strategic approach that reveals vulnerabilities and prioritizes the potential risk which has been overlooked during the development cycle.

Why Threat Modelling?

Now organizations are moving towards the digital and cloud platform. Thus, the security risks and vulnerabilities are increasing excessively. Threat modeling uses multiple methods to extract and categorize the risks which will prevent cyber hacking. With various threat models and architectural diagrams, organizations take measures to mitigate the risk.

Benefits of Threat Modelling

Auto-update risk factor

It enables the IT environment to be monitored and updated automatically and to identify new attack

Maintain up-to-date risk profile

This helps to maintain the organization’s risk profile by implementing secure coding guidelines

Reduce attack surface

Predefined code snippets help to mitigate the risk, enhance security consistency, and reduce the attack

Enterprise-wide risk mitigation

Building a safe and structural threat model having all the components helps to identify all the threats

Measurable security

Effective threat modelling allows you to measure the potency of security initiatives in the development cycle.

Cost-effective risk mitigation

Continuous threat modelling eliminates all other additional processes that may go out of your budget.

Swiftsafe Approach


Our security experts take up rigorous planning to gather information about the resources and complete architecture


Our hybrid approach of threat modeling combines both manual and automatic testing mechanisms

Threat analysis

We carry out the threat analysis in various phases to thoroughly identify and address the high-level security


This systematic exploitation approach exposes the way a hacker works in real-time.Our security experts scrutinize the design


After accomplishing all the threat assessment, we design a report that can be easily understandable and convey the exact

Why Swiftsafe?

Experienced team

Swiftsafe has vast experience in designing the threat model that prevent security vulnerabilities

Agile technology

We use agile security technology and unique ideas to safeguard organization data and maintain reputation.

Better decision-makingn

Our threat modelling service helps the organization take high-level security decisions

Cultivate trust

Our team maintains the security standards with the right compliance which will make your organization secure

24*7 support assistance

We make everything easy for our clients and understand their problems by providing 24*7 support

Interested in Threat Modelling?