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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is a methodology to collect any data legally by using public sources from web such as social networks or forum discussions for the sharing of information and communication.

Why Auditing

Why need OSINT?

Using this OSINT technology, it helps companies and individuals to identify any private information that are disclosed openly in the web due to human errors. Those publicly available information can be exploited as there is widespread internet usage and associated social media for communicating and sharing the information.

Benefits of OSINT

Less Expensive

OSINT is less expensive when compared to other intelligence sources as other require more expert analysts to monitor which cost even more

Saves tremendous time

Manually searching information takes a lot of time to gather and filter where as OSINT achieve this in seconds and deliver even more targeted results.


OSINT solution not only search across social media but also many more exists in dark web whereas manually results is not beyond 5% of web.


OSINT help send alerts with in seconds whenever there’s any original post visible in web instead of searching and live monitoring setup queries for alerts.

Uncovers Threatening Content

OSINT solution provide with investigation tools to allow to uncover responsible person behind threatening post, their digital footprint

Global in Scope

New OSINT technology help incorporate global awareness features, help business mitigate threats to equipment

Swiftsafe Approach

Determine digital assets that the organization has used before for the scope of individual subjects. Investigates potential threats, risks then track for any suspicious behaviors

Detect and mitigate the possible scenarios of extortion, fraud, and blackmail when there is a disclosure of assets, affinities, or any personal information.

Assess the organizations' security information to analyze the correlation with threat surface to their digital footprint such as Q&A, forums discussions about their specific products

Scale-up social media disclosures reign on the organization and its staff members to ensure the unveiling of certain information such as Internal physical site images.


Why Swiftsafe?

Industry Expertise Support

Our cyber security team consistently supports you any time to mitigate any security threats.

Diverse Experienced Consulting

We have provided cyber security services to variant sectors includes telecom, banking and E-commerce.

Responsibility Shift

We take over the responsibility of open source information & plan for a realistic targeted attack

Advisory Support

We guide you to mitigate threats and reduce vulnerabilities that may occur in any time

24x7 support assistance:

Our Swiftsafe team consistently coordinates with you and enumerate your systems and technologies

Interested in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)?