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Security Operations Center

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a consolidated function within an organization taking on people, processes, and technology to monitor and improve the organization’s security posture constantly.

Why need a SOC?

With the high tech development worldwide, the technological advancement in cybersecurity is always the top priority over other industries. SOC proven to be effective that it can proactively fight against cyber attackers anytime. Explore some of the primary benefits of having a Security Operation Center

Benefits of SOC

Centralized Approach

SOC’s are cross functional that ideally operate as shared service centers. Centralize operations are carried out by various departments

Downsize Downtime

SOC reduces the time to incident resolution.Thus, help avoid adverse effects, minimize the downtime in the systems and build redundancy in to the network

Boost Customer Loyalty

With minimal errors, SOC monitor systems 24/7 which gains a sense of trust to everyone who rely on network and data.


Businesses can save their capital on recovery from data theft with SOC team integration. SOC improves ability to minimize revenue loss

Swiftsafe Approach

The SOC team looks for suspicious activities within IT systems and networks. The team performs activities depending upon the alerts generated by SEIM.

Organizations require negligible or no network downtime to ensure business continuity. To maintain the same, SOC alerts the stakeholders over any security breach.

Organization has to define SOC's operating model and control to ensure overlooked communication, interactions with individuals from various departments to limit connectivity termination or system shutdown.

The team audits and reports the consolidated security information across the organization using modern security tools such as SEIM whether it meets the compliance requirements.

Analyze Suspicious Activities
Manage Downtime
Security Strategy
Audit and Compliance Support

Why Swiftsafe?

Maintaining SOC

Swiftsafe has years of experience in handling cyber security operations with subject oriented expertise.

Comprehensive Analytics

Monitor frequently changing threat circumstances, analyze cross platform threats to present broad.

Advanced Monitoring

We monitor on 24/7 to get threat updates and defend with our expert security analysts and automation

Stay ahead of Threats

Our SOC team has complete knowledge on emerging technologies & security tools to stay ahead of evolving threats

Diverse Consulting

We offer SOC Services from firms to large organizations present locally or anywhere round the world

Interested in Security Operations Centre?